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The people of Guernsey would love to have their old style market back, so here at The Guernsey Weigh we have come up with a modern and more sustainable concept of our old beloved market. We believe in plastic free and we would also like to support our local Guernsey community by sourcing locally where we can!  

Why shop plastic free?


Whether you are from Guernsey or visiting, we are sure you will have heard about the problems with world's waste, mainly plastic pollution...

A material that has been designed to last forever should not be misused for packaging, designed to be disposed of immediately. We cannot recycle our way out of the problem either - currently only 9% of all the plastic that has ever been created, has actually been recycled! The Guernsey Weigh would like to tackle the problem at the source and reduce the amount of individual plastic packaging that is produced in the first place, as this waste can end up in our household bins, landfill and even worse, the ocean.


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Customers are encouraged to bring their own clean containers into the store (oldmargarine tubs etc), or we can offer containers to buy, whilst also providing free paper bags for your goods.

Weigh empty containers using the scales provided. Then pick the goods you would like and simply fill up your container. Head back to the scales to reweigh so your container weight can be taken off and you pay only for the contents! Our specialised scales and till system will make the process fast and convenient!


There is plenty more to be done to help reduce waste across the world but we hope your support for Guernsey's first zero waste market will start to make a difference!
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