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Meet the Team




Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 10-53-24 The Guernsey Weigh (_theguernseyweigh) • Instagram photo

Meet Jodie, the manager!

Having shopped at The Guernsey Weigh for years, she jumped at the opportunity to become involved with the shop. She has a passion for sustainability and plant-based cooking and loves to go spinning in her spare time!

Her favourite product is our collapsible cup which she always brings to local events like the Viaer Marchi to fill up with some Rocquette cider or when she's grabbing a coffee on her way into work.

Meet Freddy!

Freddy is passionate about promoting a zero waste lifestyle. They believe even the smallest differences in day to day life can make a huge difference in the long run.

Outside of work Freddy enjoys sea swimming and crochet, as well as spending time with their friends in the evenings.

Freddy's favourite thing in the shop is anything coffee! Especially the St. Peter Port dark roast from Bean 14 and the Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans.

Screenshot 2023-03-04 at 14-53-59 The Guernsey Weigh (_theguernseyweigh) • Instagram photo

Meet Flick!

Flick is in sixth form so works with us on a Saturday. She is keen to understand more about how she can incorporate sustainability in her life.

In her spare time she likes to play guitar and she is part of a young enterprise company creating greeting cards which you can grow wildflowers from, which we are excited to sell!

Flick's favourite snack is the dried mango strips.

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