2019 by The Guernsey Weigh



If you want to see a list of products that we stock you can download our products pdf using the button below. We also try to stock as many things that are seasonal as possible, so some lines may be discontinued as they go out of season. Watch out for new seasonal fruits and vegetables as they come in! 


All allergens are present in the proximity of our shop, inside the inner street market, due to the nature of package-free shopping. This can be in the form of the product itself or as traces. We do everything we can to keep allergens separate within our shop and storeroom, however, traces may still be present. We clearly state any allergens present in products, that have been notified by our suppliers, on our dispensers. Please speak to a member of staff for further information and for clean, designated funnels. If you suffer from severe allergies, please contact us before shopping in our store contact@theguernseyweigh.gg